Pressure & Level Transmitters

The series V transmitters covering almost all pressure measurement applications in industrial processes.

The V Series transmitters are suitable for most demanding process environments and cover all ranges of pressure required in the industry.

The behavior versus temperature is excellent, many choices of encapsulation and the possibility of user interface are common features of the V-Series transmitters

With Satron-pAdvisor software and HART modem, you can communicate with all transmitters. You can calibrate, configure and diagnose software easily
For the wet parts of the V Series transmitters can choose from a wide range of media options according to each particular need

V-Series Product line:

  • Pressure Transmitter

Satron VT
Satron VTe.
Satron VD.

  • Differential pressure and flow measurement: Satron VD
    Satron VDT
    Satron VDU
  • Level Measurement
    Satron VG
    Satron VV
    Satron VVFe
    Satron VL
    Satron VDL
    Satron VDTL
  • Mounting Device PASVE
    pH PASVE
    PASVE SC / SP / ST
    Mounting coupling
  • Optical Analizer
    Satron VO
  • Temperature Measurement
    Temp. EL-CNR
    Temp. EL-BNR

Damatrol MC-100
Damatrol MC-300
Damatrol MC-512H

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