Slitting, Winding, and Web Cleaning

Since the creation of the air shaft, firstly Tidland has been committed to building products that are durable, designed for easy use and designed for reliable, long operating time. As a result, you'll find is more effective cutting, including our innovative line of standard and ergonomic Shaft, Shaft differential coils, air chucks, Boschert safety chucks, pneumatic and electronic circular knife holder, and cutting Systems.

Incorporated in 1922, Doyle Systems manufactures and markets Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems, Inspection Lightning systems, and Static Neutralizing spray. With almost 90 years of experience and thousands of application solutions we serve, we offer outstanding capabilities to address our customer needs.


  • The Tidland circular knife holder are carrying precision cutting tools designed to reduce the time between changes in the cutter formats and provide the perfect cut every time. Choose one of the series, pneumatic operation or innovative e-Knife holder that does not require air.

    High performance circular knife holder, cut below the sheet with quick adjustments, increasing productivity and provide the unsurpassed quality of the roll over. Available in three sizes to suit a wide range of materials and cutting blade speed, shearing, crushing or cutting knife. It is used in most applications, from very light to very strong finished product.
  • The holder of precision knifes has taken a step further by eliminating the need for air and operator intervention during adjustment. Installation of the Auto-Calibration ensures that the establishment of the settings critics among the upper and lower knifes holder are correct, so that operators can spend less time with the settings and more time managing the road.
  • With an automated slitter, you get highly accurate, consistent operation with less downtime between runs. With less operator intervention, you´ve just increased safety. With more consistent settings, you improve blade life and deliver rolls with clean edges and less dust. Many options and upgrades are available to ensure that the system you choose meet expectations now and allows you to grow in the future. Tidland´s electronic slitting positioning (ESP) systems allow operators to move 10 kniveholders in less than one minute with a presicion of +/-0.05mm.

Winding and Unwinding:

  • The scrolls in the industry have gotten bigger and bigger. The speeds are getting faster. Tidland has matched the ratio of its application with an air duct that best suits your objectives. Each Shaft Tidland suits your needs, from custom design (so it fits properly on your machine) in the way that grabs the inside of a nucleus on a roll. Choose from the shafts of the terminal tried and true, shafts of delicate materials, or high-torque high-speed shafts external element. Tidland may also have to meet your specific application requirements with ergonomics (light weight) and carbon fiber models ultra-lightweight, aluminum shafts, or specialized designs like the hub of the vast expansion and the axes of band close.

Web Dust Removal:

  • Doyle Cleaning Systems are individually engineered for each application to clean all types of material: coated and uncoated paper, newsprint, boxboard, corrugated, film, plastics, nonñ-wovens, textiles and metals.

Slitting, Winding, and Web Cleaning

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