Web Inspection Systems WIS

There has existed, from the first paper machine, a need to identify and understand visual sheet defects, which must be detected and identified in real-time and presented to the papermaker in an easily understandable way

To achieve detection of relevant defects a number of Procemex Flex cameras are installed in one multiple camera beam, or beams when detection is required at multiple locations on both sides of the sheet.

These specifically carbon fibre beams absorb machine vibrations, and are sturdy enough for the widest machines in the world. Sheet widths well in excess odf 12 meters can easily be reached.

Some defects may be in different layers inside the web which requires different illumination for detection. Procemex Flex cameras control up to 3 separate strobe light sources simultaneously. The flashing of each light source takes place in individual sequences at the same point of the web, so the actual point is being inspected 3 times, each under different light conditions. The results of these three images are combined for reliable conclusions on the defect type and location (bottom, middle, top layer).

The Procemex WIS system has a native integration to the Procemex WMS system due to the unique intelligent camera technology. The Twin system allows simultanouslly viewing of live video and events along the paper machine, combined with a continously updated defect map with respective symbols.

Web Inspection Systems WIS

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