QCS System Sensors

Expanding its suite of measurements is Honeywell s unique, patented Remote Distributed Sensing (RDS) portfolio, which provides online measurement along the length of the paper machine.

Because the architecture provides multiple, small, robust sensor heads, they can be placed at the source of process variation, offering the papermaker even greater visibility into the process and product quality. Keeping sensitive signal processing components off machine, in a more suitable and accessible environment, increases reliability and reduces maintenance.

Honeywell s suite of measurements include:

  • Basis Weight
    • Pm147 2.0 Ci line source
    • Kr85 “Board”
    • Kr85 Med.-ash-var.-insensitive
    • Kr85 High-ash-var.-insensitive
    • Sr90
  • Moisture
    • Transmission IR, std. power
    • Transmission IR, high power
    • Reflection IR
    • Microwave
    • Press-section / TAD moisture
  • Dry Wt., Conditioned Wt.
  • Coat Weight
    • Dry-weight difference
    • Infrared reflectance
  • Tissue IR Dry Wt., Moisture
  • Opacity
  • Caliper
    • Contacting
    • Optical noncontacting
  • Ash
  • Color, Brightness, Whiteness, Fluorescence Index
  • Gloss
  • Formation
  • Fiber Orientation
  • Surface Topography, Smoothness
  • Porosity
  • Extensional Stiffness
  • Forming-section MD drainage profile
  • Coating Consolidation

QCS System Sensors

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