Electric Actuators

Oden ® is the name of the compact modular actuators, both spin valves and linear actuators

Advantages: Actuators, with its very compact design and low weight, based on the unique and patented system Oden.

High efficiency, lightweight, durable, energy saving, high precision, models: P-30, P50, P220, P500. R or L, rotary and linear actuation with application.
New and advanced technology

The actuators are sealed according to IP67/68.

The actuators are sealed according to IP67/68. Recently the Oden P30EX has been made compliant and certified to ATEX standards for the most demanding environments in the shipping and offshore industry

• forgetting pneumatic compressors, pressure tanks, air filters, air dryers and expensive stainless steel pipes
• Forget Hydraulic systems, the oil leak, pumps, oil tanks and hoses
• reducing forgetting based electro-mechanical gear low efficiency, such as worms, helical planetary
Oden delivery, Simplicity, reliability, power and precision

Electric Actuators

pdf Oden Servo Motors Data Sheet (3.66 mb)
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